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Blind Snake

Ramphotyphlops sp.


Other common names: None known

Blind snake
Blind snake profile pic of head

Species Profile

Blind Snake

  • Significance to Humans


    The Blind Snake (Family Typhlopidae) is generally inoffensive, but some species may release a strong odour when handled.

  • General Description

    With a worm-like appearance, the Blind Snake’s colour varies from pink through to black, often displaying a white to cream ventral surface. The scales are exceptionally smooth, and has a distinctive blunt tail. Its eyes appear as dark spots, covered by scales, and the tail has a short spine.

  • Average Length

    In the Greater Brisbane region, Blind Snake species typically range between 20cm and 65cm in length.

  • Habitat in SE Qld

    Found in a variety of habitats, ranging from dry woodlands to rainforests, even at elevation.

  • General habits

    The Blind Snake is strictly nocturnal, with most of its activity occurring during or after rain. The feeding ecology primarily involves subterranean activity.

  • Diet

    Feeding primarily on both termites and ant larvae and pupae, the Blind Snake’s preferences may vary between species.

  • Local distribution

    The Blind Snake is recorded throughout almost all localities in the greater Brisbane region, with the exception of the inner city. It appears to favour moister suburbs close to the city, and the most commonly encountered species is Ramphotyphlops proximus.

  • Around the home

    Due to its restricted above-ground movement and cryptic nature, Blind Snakes are rarely seen around suburban homes. There have been only two recorded specimens located by a snake catcher in the Western suburbs of Brisbane over the past 16 years, both brought to the residents attention by domestic cats.

Blind Snake Gallery

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