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Includes Tweed Coast and surrounding areas

Stephen’s Banded Snake

Hoplocephalus stephensii

Moderately Venomous

Other common names: None known

Stephens' Banded snake
Stephen's banded snake profile pic of head

Species Profile

Stephen’s Banded Snake

  • Significance to Humans

    Moderately Venomous

    Bites from the Stephens Banded Snake can cause severe local symptoms, and general reactions such as headaches and nausea have also been recorded. Immediate treatment and correct first aid are essential when dealing with bites from this species.

  • General Description

    Characterised by its relatively broad head, distinct from the neck. Its body is usually banded with pale grey/yellowish bands across a rusty brown or black background, with strong markings in the mid-body area and weaker contrast at the head and tail. The face and head feature distinctive pale brown, cream, or white blotches or bars on either side, extending to the lips. The belly ranges from cream to grey, often with dark edging. While most specimens have bands, un-banded individuals have also been recorded. Midbody scales at 21 rows.

  • Average Length

    On average, measures about 90cm, but it can reach a maximum length of around 1.2 metres.

  • Habitat in SE Qld

    The Stephens Banded Snake is typically found in rainforests, wet sclerophyll forests, vine scrubs, and rocky outcrops within wet forests.

  • General habits

    This species is a proficient climber, mostly dwelling in trees (arboreal). It seeks shelter in tree hollows, under loose bark, and ground cover, such as rock exfoliates. Nocturnal, being most active during the night.

  • Diet

    Preys on small mammals, lizards, and frogs.

  • Local distribution

    Populations exist on the Lamington Plateau and Gold Coast Hinterland. Also found in localised areas around Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious within the Brisbane region.

  • Around the home

    The Stephens Banded Snake is known to inhabit and frequent homes in areas of suitable habitat around Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious in the Brisbane region. Local snake catchers have confirmed numerous calls involving the species entering homes, likely due to its arboreal nature and adaptability to suitable environments in close proximity to human settlements. Caution should be exercised when encountering this snake, and professional help may be required to remove it safely.

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